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TMHMM Server v. 2.0

Prediction of transmembrane helices in proteins

NOTE: You can submit many proteins at once in one fasta file. Please limit each submission to at most 4000 proteins. Please tick the 'One line per protein' option. Please leave time between each large submission.



Submission of a local file in FASTA format (HTML 3.0 or higher)

OR by pasting sequence(s) in FASTA format:

Output format:
Extensive, with graphics
Extensive, no graphics
One line per protein

Other options:
Use old model (version 1)


Would you prefer to run TMHMM at your own site? TMHMM 2.0 is available as a stand-alone software package, with the same functionality as the service above. Ready-to-ship packages exist for the most common UNIX platforms. There is a download page for academic users; other users are requested to contact CBS Software Package Manager at


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